Local Music #2 - Splitlip Rayfield

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Splitlip Rayfield is responsible for some of the fastest, most furious bluegrass music you've ever heard before. Having some punk influences to, these guys are tattoo-ed and beer drinkers by the pitcher. As their bio says, its "Bluegrass worthy of being blasted out of the windows of a Plymouth Barracuda with 451 Hemi engine." And frankly, there's nothing cooler than Jeff Eaton's "gas tank bass."

However, don't expect to see them touring any time soon. Guitar player Kirk Rundstrom has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and they have canceled all dates upcoming. Since he has no health insurance (most "local" bands don't) they're asking for donations and all-around encouragement and love so please, if you can, stop by their official page and see how you can help. But also make sure you check out the mp3's while you're here:

Splitlip Rayfield - The Day the Train Jumped the Tracks
Splitlip Rayfield - Hundred Dollar Bill
Splitlip Rayfield - Never Make it Home

Check out their Myspace page too. Read the bio - it's great.


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