Local Music #1 - Anvil Chorus

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I just recently ran into a treasure trove of Kansas City-area artists and their mp3's so I'll be running thru the archive of nearly 1000 mp3's and bringing you some of the best as I go. One that I'd already been watching a bit was Anvil Chorus. They create this atmospheric blend of piano, guitar, bass and drums that just kinda floats around beautifully. Their Myspace page lists them as having evoked "shades of Blonde Redhead, Mogwai, Portishead, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth among numerous other influences." Other comparisons include Bjork, Mazzy Star and "Hail to the Theif"-era Radiohead.
A review called their debut EP "dark, dire and drop-dead sexy, an immediately ensnaring chemistry of obsessive, paranoiac instrumental layers and maddeningly sensual rhythms and vocals."
If they ever end up playing a Saturday night show around here, you can be sure that I will be there.
They are worth checking out. Here's the mp3's:

Anvil Chorus - Lust And Vice (Highly Recommended)
Anvil Chorus - Bright White (Live)
Anvil Chorus - Broken Hands


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