Covers Day! (With an explanation...)

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Sorry for another unexpected hiatus - but this time I had a really good reason. Last week a tornado landed two blocks from my house and tore up my neighborhood really bad. It knocked out my cable line so I had no internet access for a bit. So I thought that today I would just empty out my "covers day" folder and then get some good writing done later. Enjoy the covers!

Rage Against the Machine - Beautiful World (Devo Cover)
At first I really didn't think this was Rage, but listening really close I finally decided it was indeed Zach and the boys. This cover defies the labels applied to Rage and Devo both and is a really interesting listen.

Get Up Kids - Never Tear Us Apart (INXS Cover)
This performance from just Matt and James comes from a KEXP performance from a few years back. Matt and James still appear at each other's shows and maybe one day they'll start doing some GUK songs again. I hope. But until then, this great cover with a wicked solo is a lot of fun.

Deftones - No Ordinary Love (Sade Cover)
I will admit to really hating the Deftones and really loving Sade. However, this one sounds so unlike the Deftones that I can dig it.

Finch - Karma Police (Radiohead Cover)
Standard acoustic based Radiohead cover. Nothing special but nice to have.

Gonzales, Feist and Dani - Boomerang 2005 (Serge Gainsbourg Cover)
As you all know, Feist has my everlasting devotion. And due to her and several other very cool artists appearing on a Serge Gainsbourg tribute, I gave it a spin and loved it - even the bands on there that I normally don't like put out really good performances. It's definitely worth going out and picking up. And this track is funky as all get out...

John Mayer - Kid A (Radiohead Cover)
Apparently John is a huge fan of Radiohead. I've heard him tease "Paranoid Android" and "Karma Police" in live shows. And then there's this studio recording of and interesting interpretation of one of Radiohead's more...interesting songs. Interesting.

Manic Street Preachers - Train In Vain (Clash Cover)
Gotta dig this song. I don't care who you are.

Rosie Thomas - Love (John Lennon Cover)
One of John's best covered by one of Sub Pop's most overlooked. Her sweet voice curls around the lovely lyrics like a blanket around a pair of sweethearts.

Watkins Family Hour - Ain't Misbehavin' (Live) (Fats Waller Cover)
2/3 of Nickel Creek perform at Largo, Jon Brion's residence, under the name Watkins Family Hour with constant guests. Sara really belts out this cover of the classic song that's been covered by anybody who's anybody.

Keep an eye on the good folks over at Lullabyes because they should have some soundboards from SXSW coming up soon. I'll be watching out since I didn't get a chance to go. Did anyone catch Blue October there? I'm curious as to how the new songs perform live. Drop me a comment and let me know!


Blogger heather said...

yo, sorry about your tornado! I had a pipe burst at my house back in Dec and am just getting resettled. it's a bitch, eh? glad to have you back, i was wondering what happened! :)

10:59 AM  
Blogger christine said...

whoa now! crazy rage cover!

shine on, you crazy diamond!

4:21 AM  
Blogger Jennings said...

Sorry about the tornado man . . . it's good your back on your feet.

That John M. cover is really good . . . of course, being a cool indie kid I avoid him otherwise (which means being a cool indie kid is damned ridiculous).

4:59 PM  

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