John Fogerty - Centerfield

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When I was a kid, my parents submitted me to all kinds of music. My dad loved the Beach Boys and my mom loved Santana. Me and my sisters could sing along to anything that came on the radio from Sir Mix-a-lot to Bryan Adams. We had a few tapes that we kept in the car that we listened to a lot and I had my personal favorite. I loved John Fogerty's Centerfield. I dug the voice, I dug the vibe. I loved everything about it. One day the tape just kinda disappeared. I was devastated. It turns out that my sister got tired of it so she destroyed it. Gotta love older sisters, huh? So then last week I was able to get ahold of a copy on CD. I hadn't heard it in about 15 years so I jumped at the chance to hear it again. I still love it - not quite like I did back then, but I do still love it.

John Fogerty - The Old Man Down the Road
John Fogerty - Big Train (From Memphis)


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