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Sometimes you come across some amazing things when you troll music forums. At the official Arts and Crafts board, some guy posted a cd's worth of live tracks, collaborations and demos from Miss Leslie Feist. In the interest of keeping this a blog the whole family can read and listen to, I won't post all the tracks but here were a few highlights:

Placebo - Keen Nose
Chances are by now, you know that Leslie was in a punk/grunge band called Placebo that won a contest to open a concert for the Ramones. Their influences included Metallica and Jesus Lizard and they were just plain loud. The track is, well, not very Feist-y.

The Kings of Convenience and Feist - Know How
How can you not dig the Kings? Add in Feist and you've got one wicked good track.

Feist - L'amour Ne Dure Pas Tojours
I have no clue what this song is saying but I do know it is darn sexy.

Feist - Mushaboom (Live on Jimmy Kimmel)
So you've probably heard this one before, but I heard one guy on the Arts and Crafts forum say that he's heard this song 50 time, played 50 different ways and this performance was by far his favorite. I have to agree.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately! There has been a few problems on my end that has prevented me from doing much for the site but that should all be rectified now. I'm gonna try to get back to daily posts now. So tell your friends to come back!


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