And All the Stars Were Crashing Around...

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am still here, but am doing some computer moving and system work and it may be a few days before i get to post again. But I am working on writing a few posts so when I come back I hit you over the head with a post a day for a while. I just can't upload any files right now. Make sense? I hope so 'cause I don't wanna explain it again.

Peace and Love

P.S. - Go to Music Etc. to download my current obsession - "The Crane Wife 1 & 2" by the Decemberists.


Karen O. - KO at Home

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Here's an interesting artifact that appreared on the intraweb last night. Apparently some old Karen O. home recordings were found in the apartment of one of the guys from TV on the Radio on a CDR. They came with a written note containing a section of a writing by Oscar Wilde and a picture of Karen and someone that I sure can't identify. At the moment I don't really know a heck of a lot more about this stuff, so if you know any more please share your info with the rest of us.

I almost decided not to post anything from this here because its kinda hard to listen to. It feels like putting a stethoscope against Miss O and listening to her hearbeat. Although the songs, at least the ones that are developed, are good and interesting, they are very unnerving for some reason. On the fourth track (none of the songs came with titles) the layers of her voice start to create a feeling of coming unglued - but I can't decide who's more coming unglued - me or Karen.

Here's track 5: (apparently myfilehut is having issues right now, so it is via Savefile)
Karen o. - Track 5

Go check out Dreams of Horses for a picture of the handwritten note and 2 more songs.

Do you guys think I should take these down in lieu of what is going down over at Stereogum? I feel kinda dirty...


Country...My Way Dangit!

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I have a thing for vinyl. Not the creepy kind - the old used vinyls with the great artwork and the ambience of crackles and pops. I buy used records all the time and am proud of my ever growing collection. If you browse the bargain rack often time you can find something amazing.

And that's where I found this record. I bought 1967's "Country My Way" by Nancy Sinatra for an amazing 50 cents. Nancy lays her smooth and sexy voice over a number of the big country hits of the day. It oozed with acoustics and pedal steels. The best thing is that it featured Nancy's take on one of the single greatest country songs of all time - Skeeter Davis' "End of the World". The arrangements are staightforward but that's ok...if it ain't broke, than don't screw with it. The record is also notable for its production by Lee Hazelwood as well as a couple of guest vocals by Lee himself, including on the classic "Jackson", best known as a Johnny and June Carter Cash vehicle.

Check out two tunes from the record and one more bonus from the re-release from 1996:

End Of the World
Hello L.A. Goodbye Birmingham