A Cover Interlude

I'll likely be back later today with a full post, but I couldn't wait to share this Death Cab cover.

Death Cab For Cutie - Here Comes the Rain (Eurythmics Cover) (HIGHLY recommended!)

Full Show Here.


Nothin' Better Than Sam Cooke

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If you can find a sweeter soul singer than Sam Cooke, let me know, because I don't think it's possible.
Sam is another who was unfortunately snatched away from us before his time, but left us such amazing music to remember him by.
I ran over to allmusic.com before posting this to see what they said about him and made some amazing lofty comments: "Sam Cooke was the most important soul singer in history -- he was also the inventor of soul music, and its most popular and beloved performer in both the black and white communities. Equally important, he was among the first modern black performers and composers to attend to the business side of the music business, and founded both a record label and a publishing company as an extension of his careers as a singer and composer."

What more can I say than that?

Chain Gang
Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha
Frankie and Johnny
Twistin' the Night Away


Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra

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Judging by Miss Alex White's curly red 'fro, and tight fitting clothes, you wouldn't expect her to be the hardest rocking front(wo)man to hit the scene in years. Her live performances are dynamic and her low growling voice is enough to make lesser frontmen pass out. One newspaper asked the question, "Are the vocals a little high in the mix or is she always that overwhelming?" I think its just her.
It's very rare that garage rock makes you wanna get up and dance, but Miss Alex even brings me to my feet. The formula for the songs is simple - two guitars, bass, drums and Miss Alex growling and hollerin' and singing away. Often you're not gonna get anymore than two or three chords, but you won't miss the others.
Her Myspace page lists off Chuck Bery, The Kinks, Spaceman 3, Jesus and Mary Chain and Modern Lovers as influences. And you gotta love the funny myspace "About" sections. Her's is worth the trip to Myspace.
And I gotta admit - I'm crushin' a bit.

Enjoy the sounds:
Out Of Time (via Myspace)

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