His Name Is Alive - Xmmer

I've been randomly thumbing thru various top albums lists for this year, and one name I've been surprised to see so sparsely is the band His Name Is Alive.

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They put out what will most likely, when the dust settles, be a top ten album for me, "Xmmer." It does everything you could possibly want an album to do. It shimmys, it rocks, it mellows, it jives...it does everything but bring you waffles in the morning. If you don't like the song below from the album, listen to the album anyways. There WILL be something there that you will like.

From Xmmer:
Go To Hell Mountain

And then also, HNIA released a tribute to jazz saxaphonist Marion Brown that should currently be flying above your head on the way to my mailbox. Here's a track from that one too:
Bismillahi 'Rrahmani 'Rrahim (Via Pitchfork)

Official link:
His Name Is Alive Homepage

ALSO, speaking of waffles, I've been looking to find my way into a great site to get some food...


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