My Song of the Summer

It isn't even summer yet, but already I have selected my song for the summer. It's Tanner Walle's amazing new song "Faultline."

The song is a delightfully slick pop song laden with electronic beats characteristic of one of Tanner's influences, Imogen Heap. And I've already been seen driving around the Kansas City area. Warm vocals, subtle guitar strumming are joined by backing vocals on the chorus that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days.

Tanner Walle - Faultline

Really, the entire new album, "The Future Of Tape" is stellar and worth your listening. I picked up my copy at The Love Garden in Lawrence, but you can also pick up yours on CD Baby. (Just in case I haven't mentioned it before, I love CD Baby.) It's easily worth the ten bucks. The production is great and features a couple of inspired guest spots.

Official Site (Currently Under Construction)
Myspace Page
Tanner on the Live Music Archive


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