ANOTHER Covers Day!? You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me!

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First picture that came up when I google'd "Cover Day"

Erin Bode - Graceland (Paul Simon Cover)
I owe the discovery of Erin to the man behind the blog "There Stands the Glass". This is less of a cover, more of a total reworking. If Norah Jones had covered this song, it would probably sound more like this. But I'm sure Erin is tired of hearing that by now. And I don't think Norah would have had the gall to cover this one. By the time you get to "human trampoline" you're all caught up and hate the fact that the track has to end.

The Decemberists with Lavender Diamond - Feel Like Making Love (Bad Company Cover)
Come on soundguy! Turn Becky's mic up! There's just something great about hearing Colin Meloy singing this song that made my ears perk up. I think the crowd is a bit more into it then the bands are, but it's still good listening.

Will Ferrel and the Channel 4 News Team - Afternoon Delight (Starland Vocal Band Cover)
My second favorite moment in the movie "Anchorman" (after the gang fight) was when Will and the boys delivered an acapella rendtion of "Afternoon Delight". Unfortunately, this isn't quite that version, but its still got their vocals over top of full instrumentation. Pretty funny if you ask me.

Mark Ronson with the Daptone Horns - God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Coldplay Cover)
This track comes from what has quickly become one of my favorite albums of the year, "Version". But more on that later. This cover replaces Chris Martin's vocals with some slick horn playing and some funky break beats. Maybe its just the fact that I'm a fellow horn player, but I love hearing the brass blaring away. Next time I dj a party this one may be on the docket.

Ben Folds - Such Great Hights (Postal Service Cover)
This isn't the webrip copy that we've all heard and loved, but instead this is from Ben's DVD "Live at Myspace". Yes, that myspace. And you have to watch the video to see the guitar orchestra and the ringtone orchestra. And like ther person in the comments on the video, I'm wondering exactly when Ben started to look like Elvis Costello...


Blogger Happy In Bag said...

I do love Erin. And it's just a matter of time before she's a housename name with the soccer mom set.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Happy In Bag said...

Whoops! That should read "household name."

1:18 PM  
Blogger Casey said...

Afternoon Delight with Will Ferrell. Now that one really came from left field!
And I too loved the news team breaking into the song in Anchorman.
Thanks and Props!

9:05 PM  

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