New Reverie Sound Revue!

I was thrilled to hear last night about a new Reverie Sound Revue song! Apparently, the new album is just short of being completed and the band is still trying to figure out just exactly what to with it when it comes out. Just in case you didn't notice, the "label" field on their Myspace Page says "none". You mean to tell me Amy Winehouse can get a record deal, but these guys can't!? No justice!

But the song is pretty much everything you expect - driving percussion and bass lines, guitar used more for accents than anything else, and Lisa Lobsinger's voice cooing over it all.

Here's the trick thing tho - this is still an incomplete version of the song. It's not gotten the full mixdown yet, but the RSR folks were so anxious to share it anyways.

So, download the song. Watch the video. You'll like it.

An Anniversary Away

Official Page

Hey, check it out! I made it thru the whole thing without one mention of Broken Social Scene! Oh crap, I just blew it, didn't I?


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