Burning to Shine

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One of my favorite parts of the Humanities class that I had to take was getting to listen to all the different kinds of music. That class, more or less, was my first introduction to classical music. Sure, we all hear it in Bugs Bunny cartoons and other places, but we really don't pay attention to it. The way the instruments interacted and the way they could convey a full range of emotions without a single word fascinated me. Some of the other students would nod out, but I was wrapped up in it. It's a shame that so few people give it the time of day anymore.

And because of that, the CBC Radio Orchestra is the last of its kind in North America. But their wonderful people were up to a new challenge. In 2006 Canadian Rapper K-os was contacted about doing a collaboration with the orchestra and having it filmed for a documentary. He decided to give it a try and the results were fantastic. I just got a chance to watch the documentary yesterday and it was quite interesting. The tension ran thick as they worked to meet their deadline while K-os repeatedly changed his mind and made adjustments and worked in ways that the folks associated with the Orchestra had never worked before.

All in all it was a very entertaining documentary and it made for a great track too.

Watch the documentary in its whole HERE.

And after you watch, check out the track too:
Burning to Shine

K-os Official Page
K-os Myspace
CBC Radio Orchestra at Wikipedia


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