Rachel Yamagata's New Record

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Back in 2004, Rachel Yamagata was announced to be a part of the lineup at Bonnaroo. This led to a collective response of "Who?" Rachel isn't such an unknown anymore. Her music has been about everywhere and as a result she has too. Her smoky voice and plaintive calls on the piano are real attention grabbers and the pop hooks keep you coming back for more. Her live performances, while often containing awkward banter, are always changing including different versions of songs. I've probably heard at least five different versions of "Worn Me Down" alone. The moods vary from upbeat pop (see "1963") to brooding dark pop (see "These Girls") to "Did-She-Really-Say-That?" confessionals (see "Woman").

And later this year we get the LONG awaited second full-length from Rachel. She says its all done but hasn't yet given us a tracklisting or title and says that the artwork isn't done yet. That makes me nervous considering how long we've waited for this record, but at least the music is done now. It's said to be more guitar driven this time around, proven by the version of "Faster" that she played at said Bonnaroo performance.

All these following songs are possibilities to be on the forthcoming untitled record.

Live From Bonnaroo 2004:

Live From KCRW in 2004:
Sunday Afternoon

Live From KCRW in 2005:
What If I Leave?

Official Page
Myspace Page

And of course, as I hear more, I'll do my best to pass the word on. I'm really excited for this one.


Blogger Rachel said...

Weeee I love Rachel Yamagata and it is music to my ears to hear she is coming out with a new album. Thanks for the 411 Matthew, I am excited too. ;-)

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This link wasn't working. This should do it

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the long interview with Rachael at the site http://www.TheTimeMachine.fm

She's done a few radio shows for this station in the past.

Here's a link to one of her longer and more detailed interviews:


5:49 PM  

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