The Afterparty

The Afterparty is not your normal country-rock band. Your normal country-rock band may cite Roy Orbison as an influence, but they wouldn't cover "In Dreams" on their latest record. They wouldn't feature a local pin-up girl on backing vocals. And they wouldn't have a rockin' picture with Andre Williams on their Myspace page (See above).
Nope. These guys are pretty unique. They'll kick you in the shins and then ask you to dance. And when you say no, they pull you out on the dance floor anyways. But man, they can dance.

And then last night, I was having a rough night and noticed my copy of "Under the Rainbow", their most recent release, and tossed it in the cd player and I learned it's actually one heckuva "pick me up" disc too.

And now they're going on a bit of a tour. If you live between Kentucky and Texas you may get a chance to dance afterall.

Down In
Hard Times
And if you swing by their Myspace Page, you can download some tracks off the most recent record, and a couple of great live tracks.

Tour Dates:

March 1- Louisville, Kentucky
@ The Rudyard Kipling
w/ The Sad Bastard Brothers & Warm in the Wake

March 2- Chattanooga, Tennessee
@ Black Sheep Pub
w/ Bathtub Gin and The Bohanons

March 3- Chattanooga, Tennessee
@ JJ's Bohemia
CFAR Pirate Radio Benefit

March 4- Memphis, Tennessee
@ Murphy's
w/ Girls of the Gravitron and Staags!

March 4- New Orleans, LA
@ Circle Bar
w/ Happy Talk Band New

March 6- Austin, Texas
@ Beauty Bar
w/ Matt Hubbard & Pink Nasty

March 7- Austin, Texas
Live on-air performance/interview
The House Call with Dr. J on KOOP 91.7 FM

March 8- Austin, Texas
@ The Mohawk
w/ Matt Hubbard and The Summer Wardrobe

March 9- Austin, Texas
@ Scoot Inn
w/ Etta Vendetta's Eyeful Tower & That Damned Band

March 10- Austin, TX
We'll spend the day with Mike Vasquez at Sweatbox Studios.


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