Patrick Cleandenim

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Patrick Cleandenim is a jazzy 21 year old guy who just wants you to swing a little. He's managed to create a fusion of jazz/swing music and indie pop music that doesn't make you feel grimy when you're done listening to it. Lush melodies slathered in strings, horn sections, and marimba carry out Cleandenim's piano and lazy vocal lines with ease.

His new record, Baby Comes Home, is smooth. Really smooth. Sade level smooth. (By the way, I don't know how to put the little accent on the "e" in Sade. Don't write me letters.) It'll be coming out at different times depending on who you ask. Some people even say its already out. I don't know. Maybe ya'll are smarter than me and can tell me when it comes out. But when it does, you should buy. Trust me on these things.

From Baby Comes Home:
Baby Comes Home
Days Without Rain
Rocket to the Moon

From Three Love Songs:
Now When

Random demo:
So You Said (Demo)

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