Experimental Instrument Orchestra

Another great band coming out of Kansas City is Experimental Instrument Orchestra. The group comprised of Mark Smeltzer, J.Howell and Amy Farrard plays "junk". That's right - they use whatever junk they can find, including some dumpster diving, and make their own instruments. Supposedly practices can last as much as 6 hours because they first begin practice by making instruments, then learn how to play them and THEN they can finally play songs. You can swing by their Myspace Page to see pictures of some of the instruments they have built, including "pandolins" and one string fiddles.

The music comes out as kinda country, kinda avant garde, and kinda disturbing. The singing often times sounds more like chanting and their are loud crashes and bangs everywhere. No song is ever truly repeated and everything is always recorded.

You will never hear music quite like this again.

Here's a couple of tracks via E.I.O's myspace page:
You Don't Love Me
Eyes of the Steamboat... (Stupid Myspace cuts off track titles!)

I just sent the good folks of E.I.O. a message to ask where on earth we can buy their records so I'll let you good folks know as soon as I find out.


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