New Covers Day!

My folder of covers for the site is getting full, so it's time to empty some out for a cover day!

Bela Fleck and Tony Trischka - Beatles Medley
Two banjos and a heap of Beatles songs. It's worth for the take on "Drive My Car" if nothing else.

Flaming Lips - Knives Out (Radiohead Cover)
Something about this cover is vaguely disturbing. I can't quite place it but it give me the willies every time.

Get Up Kids - Close to Me (Live) (The Cure Cover)
This cover was recorded at the Get Up Kids last ever show at the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City, Mo., which I drive past at least once a week. I'm still kicking myself for not getting tickets to this show - and I could have gotten 'em.

Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze (Seals and Crofts Cover)
Pure slinky funk. Ronald's voice just glides over the dirty guitar lick with the greatest of ease. It makes me feel fine. (How corny!)

Jesse Lacey (Of Brand New) - Two-Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)
This seems like the perfect time to post this cover since Brand New's record drops next week (I think...). What I've heard of the record so far is not too bad. On this recording, tho, it sounds like no one in the crowd has any clue just what they're hearing.

Glen Phillips - Hide and Seek (Live) (Imogen Heap Cover)
It starts a bit rough, but GLen pulls it together and makes something oddly compelling in this bizarre cover. Also, the rest of the show contains some great covers by Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Randy Newman. And, of course, it ends with "Don't Need Anything".


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