Brandi Carlile - Live and Rare...uh...Mostly...

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Here's my hasty post no. 99. Expect no. 100 either later today or tomorrow.

Check out these wicked rarities from the wonderful Brandi Carlile. Darn you, Heather, now I'm flippin' obsessed with Brandi...but not in a creepy way. I swear.

Brandi Carlile - Burn (Ray Lamontagne Cover)
Brandi Carlile - Downpour (Live at MPR)
Brandi Carlile - My Song (Live)
Brandi Carlile - Seven Bridges Road/Fall (Eagles Cover)
Brandi Carlile - The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Cover by godknowswho...)
Brandi Carlile - Boys Don't Cry (Live)

And go pay your dang respects at Rbally.


Blogger heather said...

Ooh! What a great post. thanks. (and sorry for starting the obsession) - well, not really sorry.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you mind posting the Brandi Carlile songs? I would love to get to hear them. Especially Seven Bridges Road.


1:25 PM  
Blogger heather said...

hey, wow. my googling brought me here looking for that eagles cover. we haven't talked in a long time. How are you? I hope well....

9:43 PM  

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