Polyphonic Spree Pt. 2

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Since there was a lot of response to the Polyphonic Spree cover of Lithium, here's another track from that ditched cover EP.

Hope you dig it.

Polyphonic Spree - Sonic Bloom (Tripping Daisy Cover)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet, thanks! I'm becoming a quick devotee of your blog -- so much goodness to be had here! Did you get your Paypal account set up? I'd be happy to kick a little toward your server...

4:45 PM  
Blogger Don't Need Anything said...

hey annie!
sorry it took me so long to answer you...
im glad that you're finding stuff you like.
right now im not really comfortable accepting donations...maybe a bit later...when things pick up a bit.

peace and love!

7:10 AM  

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