It's My Obligation

I haven't been feeling particularly well lately so that kinda explains my lack of posts. So here's some of the great stuff I've been listening to lately.

These songs are all HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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The Most Serene Republic - The Protagonist Suddenly Realizes What He Must Do in the Middle of Downtown Traffic

Most Serene Republic rocks. And they rock hard. The band features some Broken Socialites and a rhythm section that blows away any hard rockers out there.

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Tristan Prettyman - November (Demo)
Take all the best elements from Jason Mraz, G.Love and Special Sauce, John Butler Trio and Jack Johnson and then you have Tristan Prettyman. Heck, she's even better than that because she's a far better songwriter than any of those guys. Girls are awesome.

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The Softies - Sleep Away Your Troubles
Sweet sweet pop music for fans of The Concretes, The Lucksmiths and other sweet sweet pop bands like them. Don't make me say the "t"-word. Please don't.

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Grace Potter (Of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals) - Skinny Woman (Solo Acoustic)
Grace kicks out some wicked blues music and for this breif classic blues cover (which she supposedly learned while touring with North Mississppi All-Stars) she kicks it out down and dirty. She can make Bonnie Raitt quiver in her boots with this one. Keep an eye out for more GP in the next couple of weeks.

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Joan as Police Woman - Eternal Flame
I first heard of Joan as Police Woman a couple of years ago when she opened for Rufus Wainnwright. She came out and was terrible. I even heard a couple of scattered boos. So when her upcoming disk, Real Life, "came across my desk", i fully intended to skip over it, but I was strongly encouraged to give her a second try and I am quite glad I did. It's hard to tell just by listening to her what her influences are but the vocals are intense and wicked soulful. The layering on this track makes it an aural delight. Don't pass over it like I nearly did.

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Jack Johnson and Ben Harper - High Tide or Low Tide (Live)
I've heard a number of recordings of these two playing this song, but this take from the Kokua Festival possibly takes the cake. They manage to intertwine their guitars and laid back vocals on the Marley classic amazingly.

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Bill Cosby - Questions and Answers
This is wrong on so many levels. I am unaware as to where this track came from but it is Bill Cosby talking to a bunch of kids about drugs. I love when one kids refers to marijuana as "proud mary". That is kinda crazy.


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post more Grace Potter!!

what a voice! :D

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