Ted Leo Offers You My Forgiveness

So, I was trying to wait until I got my new file-hosting service set up before I posted anything new, but it's taking way too long (bank issues) and I have a ton of new posts planned. Today, I was browsing thru some old forgotten DATs and I came across a slew of great live shows that are worth sharing so here's the first of a few likely coming your way.

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Ted Leo
Live 7.19.2004 Albany, NY
Soundboard Audio

01 Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone
02 Biomusicology
03 Me and Mia
04 Counting Down the Hours
05 I'm a Ghost
06 The High Party
07 Little Dawn
08 Heart Problems
09 Under the Hedge
10 The One Who Got Us Out
11 Timorous Me
12 Hearts of Oak
13 Suspect Device
14 Dirty Old Town

Also, I know the site has been getting more hits lately, mainly due to the Polyphonic Spree cover, so if you look thru and see anything that may be expired that you want to hear, either leave me a comment or an email and I'll see about getting those thrown back up for you.


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