New Music: In The Pines

I was recently browsing thru the nominees of The Pitch Music Awards and have found some really great music. One of the best I've found is In The Pines. In The Pines makes great old timey country/folk music. Frankly their profile on their Myspace page says far more than I ever could:
"In the late 1800's the music of the mountains of Appalachia somehow managed to evoke emotion so powerful it was like a freight train straight to the hearts of the poor people for which it was written. The same can be said about the early bluegrass, blues, country, and rock and roll after the beginning of the 20th century. Our songs tend to be inspired by lost love, poverty, trains, the mountains, the civil war, and various other themes from that particular period of American history. It is dark, it is dirty, it is sometimes drunken. It is what we call In The Pines."

Here's a few excellent demos from their upcoming record later this year via their official site:
The Second Hymn
Dress On Fire
On The Table
Never Say

Congratulations to In The Pines for their win for Best Folk/Roots Act! You guys deserve it!


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