The Society Islands - Don't Miss Out!

On a music forum, a guy posted a link for all of us to download his new album and wanted some feedback. I passed on it at first until all the good feedback started pouring in. Everyone seemed to love it. People were saying it was better than most of the albums that had come out this year. I knew I had to check in on it too, and I am glad I did.
The album "Kiss and Tell", by The Society Islands, has quickly become one of my favorites of the year too. The band is, as the Myspace Page reads, "mostly one guy who made a vow to play every single instrument he can get a hold of - no matter what the consequences." Well, the consequences are quite good on the record. It manages to evoke shades of everything that's good in indie pop, from the Shins and Grandaddy to Pavement themselves.

All these tracks from their Myspace page are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

House of the Syrens
Hotdogs at Sunset
Julia Peculiar
Love Under Palms


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