Hey Brotha, Can You Spare Some Covers?

I thought I'd reward those of you who have managed to stick around through my local music (which isn't going away yet) with a good covers day post.

Ben Lee and Ian Ball (of Gomez) - Life During Wartime (Talking Heads Cover)
If you take your Talking Heads quite serious, then this cover is not for you. It sounds like Ben and Ian were just having one heck of a time. They strip it down to two acoustics and a lot of hollerin'. Its a good time.

Sam Bush - Is This Love (Bob Marley Cover)
The mandolin king breaks it down Kingston style! He still sounds southern as a spam cake but its complete with the full organ and great bass work as the original classic.

Built To Spill - Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)
A completely unironic cover that has all the guitar that made men in mullets cry during the 70's and men in mullets scream out requests in the 80's through today. How can you NOT love this song?

Charlie Hunter Quartet and Norah Jones - Day Is Done (Nick Drake Cover)
This version has a sexy swagger to it that you just dont equate with Drake. Charlie's bass strings thumping away just make this song work and Norah's piano and smoky voice makes you feel like taking a cold shower by the time the song is done.

Jeff Buckley - When the Levee Breaks (Led Zepplin Cover)
For some reason, this studio demo hasn't seen the light of day yet. Jeff is in his usual form...one of the only singers who can sing Robert Plant as good as Robert could. Proof that we still have more Buckley songs waiting in the wings and ready to be released...keep your eye out for more Buckley covers in the future...


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