The Grammys

Since I had to work Wednesday night when the Grammys were on I had to tape them and watch it yesterday afternoon. I just thought that I'd throw in my two cents on the performances of the evening.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc./Madonna - Hung Up
Why on earth did they have the Gorillaz open? It might have been amusing halfway through the show but watching Murdoc grind his bass in his underwear was a terrible way to start the show. And Madonna. What really can you say about Madonna? First off, I must say that she looks better now than ever, but what was that song? I know I'm fairly removed from the radio and mainstream in general, but is that really popular? The dancers had it working tho.
Grade: D+

Coldplay - Talk
I'll admit to the fact that I really don't like this song. It's probably my least favorite Coldplay song but Chris Martin is quite the charismatic performer and rescued the lame song.
Grade: B+

John Legend - Ordinary People
I am in love with this song. John kinda reminds me of Bill Withers with the half croon/half soul vibe I get from him and the expanded instrumentation made it even more rich and beautiful than the original.
Grade: A

Sugarland - Something More
Not my cup of tea even though the lead singer was kinda cute. I fast forwarded through half of it.
Grade: C

U2 - Vertigo/U2 and Mary J. Blige - One
Ahhh, the king of Pretention. or pretentiousness...whatever. I wonder if Bono knows that he's counting "one two three FOURTEEN!" Either way, I still think that Bono sounded terrible. Mary J. back in her "I was your secretary" days would have saved this performance but now she seems to be satisfied to oversing everything hitting some notes that people for some reason are able to tune out. I can't.
Grade: D+

Kelly Clarkson - Because of You
I will admit to being a fan of Kelly Clarkson. If Ted Leo can be a fan, than goshdarnit, I can be too. She sang wonderful, the little kids playing was very cool and she looked great. Did anyone else notice the reel-to-reel sitting on the stage?
Grade: A-

Paul McCartney - Fine Line/Helter Skelter
When did the bass player from Bowling for Soup start playing drums for Paul? The new track didn't do a bit for me but the psychadelic piano stuff was great. It made me wish I was listening to Pink Floyd. And "Helter Skelter" was a welcome surprise. Next time Paul, please play "Happiness is a Warm Gun".
Grade: C+

Mariah Carey - We Belong Together
I can't stand this stinking song. Mariah still is as stuck on herself as ever. I started fast-forwarding about a minute into the song.
Grade: N/A

Faith Hill and Keith Urban - I dont' know the songs...
I've got to give Keith Urban credit where credit is due - the man can play that guitar. I enjoyed his performance but was a bit lagging during Faith's side.
Grade: B

Sly and the Family Stone Tribute
Where to start - Who is Van Hunt and Devin Lima? How did these guys get involved here? Ohwell... Joss stone and John Legend were great together as always, Maroon 5 sounded good but I could have done without Ciara. Fantasia continues to be a cross between Macy Grey and Corey Taylor (yeah, I just went there.) and Steven Tyler was..well..Steven Tyler. I would have like to hear a bit more of my boy Robert Randolph but I can live with it. Sly Stone obviously has used lots and lots of drugs. Obviously.
Grade: C

Jay-Z and Linkin Park - Numb/Encore/Blackbird (Plus Paul McCartney)
Numb/Encore was un-exciting as expected but the Paul appearance was quite unexpected. Chester surprisingly held his own but I really could have done without Jay-Z grunting so much. Didn't he have a party to go to or something?
Grade: B-

Bruce Springsteen - Devils and Dust
I have a confession to make - I have never "gotten" Bruce. Sure he has a song or two I like but that's about it so I never took the time to listen to his new CD. After hearing his song I will take the time now. I've performed alone on stage in front of about 1000 people before. It was wicked scary. Bruce is obviously a trained professional. As much as I dislike people using award shows and the like for political statements, I really dug this performance.
Grade: A+

Kanye West and Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger/Touch the Sky
I can't stand Kanye and Jamie needs to stop trying to be Ray Charles. I fast forwarded through it and refused to listen to it.
Grade: N/A

Herbie Hancock and Christina Aguilera - A Song For You
Grade: A

Various - New Orleans Tribute
A bunch of cool people and U2 together. I love Allen Toussaint (despite the fact that I think I just misspelled his name) and Dr. John so it was great to see them on stage making everyone a bit weepy. I liked it.
Grade: A-


Blogger heather said...

Fabulous. I just watched the Grammys last night too (AMEN for recording so then you don't have to watch 10,000 commericals and can fast forward through Mariah Carey.

a) I ridiculously love that Gorillaz song and find it wildly catchy even though I have NO IDEA what they are saying (except asscrack, navigate, and hahahahaHAAAA). Nice leotard, Madonna. LEOTARD. Yeah, purple sparkles. What was that? She pulled it off, but still - a leotard?

b) Not a Coldplay fan. I got to go to the Grammys three years ago and they performed then too and it was not my cup of tea.

c) I actually really liked the U2/Blige collaboration because I liked how she poured her soul into it. It reminded me of one of the other (few) videos of hers I have ever seen, the No More Pain one, which I think is great. Uno, dos, tres, catorce indeed. The first time I heard that, I was like, Um, Bono?

d) As much as I begrudge Kelly Clarkson, I was proud of her for getting so far and I loved her red dress. Why did she go blonde? Do we need more girls that look like Jessica Simopson? Not so much.

e) Was it just me or was that intro that Paul McCartney gave to Helter Skelter weird? "I. ... Want to rock. .... Right now. I. Want. To rock."

f) I thought Keith Urban was flat or off-key. And all these country guys nowadays have better styled hair than me, all layered and blow-dried and crap.

g) Sly Stone has *clearly* fried his brain. He just kind of wandered off before the song ended, and I don't think he was supposed to. Plus, when he was out there he didn't really *do* anything as far as I could tell. Like, he touched the keys and made some oooohs into the mike, but that's about it. Sad because "If You Want Me To Stay" is one of the greatest, grooviest songs ever recorded.

h) Steven Tyler has the hugest mouth ever, and needs to stop with the scarves tied on the microphone.

i) I like that Jay-Z song Change Clothes so I kept wanting to sing that cuz it kind of all sounds the same to me. I oppose Linkin Park on principle, although you are right that Paul's appearance was cool.

WOW THAT IS THE LONGEST COMMENT EVER. Thanks for humoring me. ;)

7:45 AM  
Blogger c said...

one two three 14. yeah, i'm so sure bono has no idea he's saying that.
maybe you could point it out, you'd only be the 10 millionth person to do so.
i'm just kidding, i am a u2-lover, but i also like the stuff you are posting here. keep it up.
peace :=)

6:48 AM  

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