Ted Leo

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Ted Leo is my musical hero. He is proud to listen to Thin Lizzy and the Specials, he plays guitar like a bat outta J.Mascis's basement and is still doing what he can to keep away from evil large record companies. I've even heard that while he's not on tour he lives with his parents and works manual labor. The man is great. I got a chance to go see him play in Lawerence, Ks. several months ago and the show was one of my two best of the year. He explained why he wouldn't play "Since U Been Gone", and played everything we wanted to hear. He's the best.

Check out this rare live cover of Bruce Springsteen:

Ted Leo - Dancing in the Dark (Live)

Sorry about the late post but I do have some great stuff coming up soon. Keep a big eye out through the next week for some big great ones.


Blogger Happy In Bag said...

Ted's a human jukebox!

8:19 AM  
Blogger c said...

totally agree on the ted love. he is the true defintion of indie, which has nothing to do with being pretentious and judging other people's musical tastes. it is about being true to your ideals and giving your fans your best. he is a boy worth loving.

7:52 AM  

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