Ultimate Fakebook

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I love the mid/late 90's to early 00's Kansas City/Lawerence music scene. There are so many great bands that came out of that click. Two of the biggest names (and rightly so) were the Get Up Kids and The Anniversary. One that often got overlooked was Ultimate Fakebook. They made great power pop just like the other guys did, but without the exposure that came from Vagrant records. Their album "This Will Be Laughing Week" (released on Epic/550 and Noisome) is one of my favorite albums and it is for darn good reason. The guitars are blazing, the drums never stop and the vocals and lyrics both are spot on. (And you gotta love the falsetto on "Soaked in Cinnamon.)

Ultimate Fakebook - Far, Far Away
Ultimate Fakebook - Soaked in Cinnamon

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