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I happened upon the new album by Some By Sea. I'll admit to never having heard of them before but I'm loving this new record. They're a bit closer to Matt Pond PA then the obvious Belle and Sebastian comparison. (Can you tell I love b&s?) So here's a couple of tracks from their new album, "On Fire (Igloo)." It is more bright and sunshiney pop, some of my favorite stuff on the planet. The harmonies are subtle and downright subliminal at points. The songwriting is fantastic. Swing by their Myspace page and their official page for more info and more music. I predict that we'll be seeing a bunch of stuff by them on blogs soon enough. They're worthy of it.

Some By Sea - An Introduction You Just Can't Walk Away From Someone Who Is Leaning on You

Some By Sea - A Night Without a Cineplex


Blogger heather said...

That picture of them looks like the fountain in the apartment complex in the movie Singles, one of the best music movies ever. So you downloaded Kelly Clarkson?! How is it? I can't condone this kind of behavior.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Don't Need Anything said...

i know i need to see singles, but i havent yet...

the kelly clarkson album is surprisingly good. she's one of my wonders - i wonder why i like her music so darn much...it makes no sense...

9:06 PM  

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