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I found the grail.

I do not have a credit card. Thus, it is quite difficult for me to buy many indie albums, because Kansas City Kansas has no record stores. (Only Nebraska Furniture Mart and Wal-Mart.) So, whenever I get a chance I always look around any record stores I am near. Last night I was at an F.Y.E. in Olathe and took a minute to look around. I have been looking for the Ugly Casanova cd, "Sharpen Your Teeth" for nearly 2 years now. I had never actually seen a copy of the cd in person before but I was always looking for it. Last night, I finally found my holy grail.

Celebrate with me with these two freshly ripped tracks:
Ugly Casanova - Barnacles
Ugly Casanova - So Long for the Holidays

Bonus (Not Ripped by Me):
Ugly Casanova - Baby Clean Conscience


Blogger Goose said...

dude, tha ass pic is back. get in on that.

7:40 PM  

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