Bright Eyes

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I was a bit sad when i read this at rollingstone.com:
in 2006, Bright Eyes wizard Conor Oberst tells Rolling Stone, the band will release zero (albums).

That's right folks, absolutely nothing. He did say, in the same articles, that he's going to be doing a lot of writing with Mike Mogis and his trumpeter/pianist Nate Walcott, recording a ton of songs and then picking the best for their next release. And also, its possible that he's going to be going back on tour with M. Ward and Jim James of My Morning Jacket again...if they do I PROMISE I will be there...

So, to hold us off until then, here is a new song that Conor played at the Bridge School Benefit a couple of months ago:

Bright Eyes - Napoleon's Hat (Live)

BY THE WAY, I am still new to the whole blogspot thing...so the dates on my posts are not necessarily accurate. Sorry about that...I can control that now...


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