Ida, my love

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I love Ida. Don't know 'em? Don't feel too bad. When my friend Heather told me about them, I hadn't heard of them either. Now I wonder where they were all my life! Ida is for fans of slowcore bands like Low and...I can't think of any other slowcore bands off the top of my head right now but you get the point. Its under construction right now, but check out their official site when it comes back up. My favorite album of theirs, "The Braille Night" is an epic from start to finish and I never tire of listening to it. The vocal harmonies are flawless and they know their way around an instrument, creating lush landscapes with the least amount of effort. Although each album of theirs has had a minorly different lineup, everyone has a consistant sound. At times Daniel Littleton's voice sounds like Elvis Costello with a bit more restraint (and more control) and Elizabeth Mitchell sounds almost a bit like Caitlin Cary. It all has this amazing blend and works so fantastic together. You won't regret checking them out.

Ida - Blizzard of '78 (HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION)

Ida - Let's Go Walking


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