Nickel Creek

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I am unabashedly a gigantic Nickel Creek fan. Their new album, "Why Let the Fire Die" is thier best yet. But really, what else did you expect? They've been playing together since they were in diapers practically, they are all extremely talented writers and instrumentalists and Sara is wicked cute. (I had to sneak that in there somewhere...) As a matter of fact, they have taken a song that is just kinda "ehhh..." to me, Wilco's "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart", and given it new life by attaching it to their own "Lighthouse's Tale." Everytime Chris Thile opens his mouth my jaw drops to the floor. And he gets into this one! This track is definitely worth the download.

Nickel Creek - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (Live Wilco Cover)

Also of note, they've just been announced to be performing the next SXSW...anyone ready for a road trip?


Blogger Happy In Bag said...

My favorite Nickel Creek cover is Pavement's "Spit On a Stranger."

8:38 AM  
Blogger Don't Need Anything said...

that one is great too. i wouldnt have thought that nickel creek could pull off a pavement cover but man, did they work it!

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Molly said...

I'm up for a road trip. One of my all time favorite songs of there's is Reasons Why.


6:38 PM  

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