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I am constantly baffled that no one has ever heard of Sirsy. Their Website mentions the fact that they've been voted the "best band" of the year in New York for three years straight. And if you've ever heard their live album, At This Time, you'll understand why. Lead singer Melanie Krahmer's voice has a distinctive quality that ranges from sweet and shy to in your face and growling, not to mention she is the first person since Ian Anserson of Jethro Tull to make the flute cool again. They kinda make me think of a female-fronted version of Maroon 5, but with a bit MORE funk. Be sure to check out their website for some more tracks, but these ones here are two of my personal favorites.

Sirsy - Uncomfortable (direct download)

Sirsy - Ruby (direct download)

And now a few more Elliott Smith tracks have leaked. I haven't gotten to listen to them yet but they're Elliott so they must be amazing!
You can find them here:
Where Is Your Mind


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