Elliott, We Miss You

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A few years ago I accidentally stumbled onto Elliott's music when I accidentally downloaded "Between the Bars". I was immediately hooked. His emotion in his music spoke to everything wrapped up in my bones. He was sad. He was angry. He was happy. He was in love. And so was I. The day I heard about his death was a very dark day for me. I holed myself up in my room listening to XO over and over. And now I get my chance to pay homage to the man. It wasn't until I heard this version of "Miss Misery" that I realized how fantastic of a piano player Elliott was. He spoke well through his guitar, but he screamed his emotions through the piano.

Elliott Smith - I Didn't Understand (Piano Demo)

Elliott Smith - Miss Misery (Live Piano Version)

Also, "Miss Misery" comes from a Live show he played in Japan in 2000. If anyone knows where I can get ahold of the rest of the recording, you will have my everlasting love.


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