Way better than New Car Smell

Ahhh, smell the new blog smell!

I thought I'd start out with a few tracks that never leave my harddrive.

Glen Phillips - Don't Need Anything (Demo)
I feel this version of the song (which is quite obviously the name-sake of my blog) is far strong emotionally, and far less Randy Newman-esque, than the version that made his oft-overlooked album "Winter Pays For Summer". There's not a dry eye when he moans "if she was with me".

Erin McKeown - Blackbirds
This Girl can freaking play! The lyrics are catchy and the tune lodges in your head for days and days. And did I mention she can play?

Thursday - Ny Batteri (Sigur Ros Cover)
The first time I heard Sigur Ros - I really didn't "Get" them. Then I heard this cover and it made me give them a second chance. Now I love them and can't imagine why I didn't love them in the first place. And its great to hear Thursday's singer in icelandic.

Please please please give me feedback on the music and the different filehosting services that I'm using until i set on one.

EDIT: to download the file, after you click on the file link and you're on the mooload page, click on the text line that reads "Your download is ready. Click Here to download."


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