Well...its a top 10...kinda...maybe...

I had finished my top albums of the year list and then decided to take it back and re-do it. So, until I finish it up (which will probably be on the 1st), here is my
10 Most Disappointing Albums of 2005:

Plans - Death Cab For Cutie
Has Ben Gibbard been listening to Bon Jovi? He really should stop...

Stand Up - Dave Matthews Band
You have one of the best drummers ever to live and he's replaced by lame beats? Why? And they wrote the majority of the album while in the studio...never a good sign

Get Behind Me Satan - White Stripes
A few good songs but not much of an album. The personality is gone.

Picaresque - Decemberists
Once again - only a few songs did it for me because the personality is gone

Songs For Silverman - Ben Folds
Ben seems content to rehash his old stuff. The album wasnt bad but just not near as good as it could have been

Demon Days - Gorillaz
Bring back Dan the Automator!

Dont Tread on Me - 311
Cartoonish imitation of themselves in years past at best.

Honeycomb - Frank Black
Bored the snot out of me. The Donovan cover that was the bonus track was the only thing i can stand to listen to.

Out of Exile - Audioslave
Purely pedestrian. Lyrics are unamusing and Morello does nothing we havent heard him do for years.

Frances the Mute - Mars Volta
I had virtually no expectations for this in the first place but I checked it due to the hype - hey look at me! I can play really fast! Who do you think you are - Yngwie Malmsteen?


Blogger heather said...

hey, i am thrilled that you have been properly introduced to ryan adams. 29 is a bit uneven, i think, with varying kinds of songs from rough & tumble honky tonk to lush piano, but there is enough good stuff on it to make it worthwhile. if you like the piano sound, check out Love is Hell, my favorite Adams ever. -

I am interested in the Frank Black cover of a Donovan song - what is the title? Is it good?

1:05 PM  
Blogger Don't Need Anything said...

i will check out the ryan adams stuff.
the donovan song is "atlantis". if you wanna hear it let me know and ill root thru my stuff and find it.

3:39 PM  
Blogger c said...

i like that list. totally agree on audioslave. it's only disappointing because you know it could be so amazing. that voice and that guitar - oh my. but together they make no magic. oh well.

12:56 PM  

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