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Warren Haynes - Beautifully Broken (Acoustic)

You think that you're busy? Try being Warren Haynes, the man with the Golden Voice and the Golden Fretboard. He is in Gov't Mule, The Dead (the Jerry Garcia-less incarnation of the Grateful Dead), the current incarnation of the Alman Brothers Band, and has his own solo career, not to mention the fact that he just shows up on stage at all kinds of other peoples concerts. When does the man find time to eat and sleep? This track here is one of the best that he does - unfortunately this version doesn't have the ever so awesome tease of "When Doves Cry". Oh well. It's still good.

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Grandaddy - Nebraska
There are a ton of great songs by Grandaddy, but for some odd reason this one is my favorite. I remember the guys saying that people keep telling them that they should re-record this song, which is off their first release, but they just never have. Hey guys, don't listen to 'em. No one can touch this. No one.

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Bright Eyes - Well Whiskey
Why this song was buried on the Lua EP is beyond me, since this is one of the finest songs that has ever been written and released by Bright Eyes. By the time Conor yells, "You've got bars on your windows and a hole in your door!" you wanna kick a hole in yours. Maybe Conor wants me to listen to Country. But I won't. Unless it's him. Or that "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" song. It makes me laugh.

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Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Grey Cell Green
I will admit to knowing absolutely nothing about Ned's Atomic Dustbin. All I know is how much I love this song. I heard it on the radio once quite a while ago when a DJ was just randomly playing songs off cd's he had lyring around. I had to go find this song after I heard it. I listened to a few of their other songs but none touched the intangiable feelings I found in this song. That's a shame.


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