Cat Power Covers!

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Sometimes on the internet you run into something that is just too fun for words. Such is the case with a cover session that Cat Power did on John Peel a few years ago. She breaks out covers of everyone from Bob Dylan to Mary J. Blige to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Unfortunately, on these mp3's, there is quite a bit of talking, but we'll let it slide. Mr. Music can talk all he wants.

So enjoy these Cat Power Covers in .Zip format:
Cat Power Cover Session (.Zip Format)
01 Sophisticated Lady
02 Hard Times In New York City
03 Wonderwall
04 He Was A Friend Of Mine
05 Deep Inside / Come Up In My Kitchen
06 Werewolf
07 Up & Gone
08 Sister / Knocking On Heaven's Door
09 Freebird


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