High School Reunion

I was born too late. I was too young to particpate in the great high school movies of the 80's. I have never had a crush on Molly Ringwald or played "In Your Eyes" for a girl. But now I watch the movies whenever they grace my tv screen and love every second. So when I heard about the compilation "High School Reunion - A Tribute to Those Great 80's Films" I wanted to hear it. I REALLY wanted to hear it when I heard that Frank Black (or as I like to call him, Black Francis...haha...I'm a dork), Kristen Hersh and the Dresden Dolls. I've never been a fan of 80's music but this one picked out most of the best songs involved. So here's a couple that I dug:

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Dresden Dolls (I swear I tried to find a picture without the creepy makeup)

Dresden Dolls - Pretty in Pink

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Frank Black

Frank Black - Repo Man

BONUS (for Heather):
Frank Black - Atlantis (Donovan Cover, Bonus from "Honeycomb")


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danke schoen (did I spell that right?) - thanks! :)

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